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In 1962 by the Corghi brothers invented and patented the world's first tyre changer which revolutionised the market. The company took off and never stopped  soaring since.
Today Corghi is the absolute leader in the Italian market and a world leader in the vehicle assistance equipment sector.
Producing a range of wheel equipment from Tyre Changers, Wheel Balancers, Wheel Alignment, Lifting and much more.



Corghi is proud to be the world’s largest manufacturer of tyre changers and other workshop equipment. When acquiring new tyre change equipment our customers are looking for several key items; reliability, extensive range, local factory support and reputation. Corghi tyre changer machines provide this and so much more.



Corghi manufactures, delivers and supports a range of wheel balancing machines across Australia. As with all Corghi workshop equipment, our range of wheel balancers is wide and varied and based on world class design, technician friendly features, quality and reliability.

From the entry level EM 9250 Compactline through to the top of the range EYELIGHT Plus Automatic, Corghi has the right wheel balancing machine to fit the workload of any workshop.

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Corghi manufactures, supports and maintains a world class suite of wheel alignment machines and wheel alignment equipment. From the entry level model Exact 7 to the best selling Exact Linear 3D, there is a quality wheel alignment solution to meet the requirements of all, including the wheel alignment specialists, the tyre workshops as well as the needs of car dealerships and OEM’s.

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Our Corghi lift range features essential automotive workshop equipment items for all your vehicle lifting needs. When it comes to selecting the right hoist, automotive workshops and service centres are looking for several key items including; access to the right hoist for the job, quality, reliability, longevity and support, maintenance and spare parts availability.

Our extensive Erco range showcases the Corghi commitment to a superior line of car hoist and vehicle lifting equipment.

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