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The world’s first diagnostic tyre changer

Uniformity is the first technology that allows match-mounting to be carried out directly on the tyre changer, transforming it into a real wheel diagnosis centre.

Essential for the professional who wants to provide clients with a first-class service.

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Automatic tilting back tyre changer for rims up to 22”.

Automatic tyre changer suitable for all car, SUV, van and motorcycle wheels.
Available in one-speed motor version and in 2V version with two-speed motor and tubeless inflating device TI.
Extractable pedal controls.



Automatic tyre changer with pneumatic tilting column and 24" turntable
Version with manual lowering of the head arm.
Pneumatically-operated tilting arm support column with high torsional rigidity, can be tilted in any working position.
Sliding supports with interchangeable clamping centres. Higher cast clamps for improved rim clamping from inside and outside.
Turntable with two pneumatic cylinders able to safely clamp any type of rim.
Telescopic (hexagonal) horizontal arm for quicker positioning of the head in relation to the rim.
Simultaneous pneumatic locking (manual) of the horizontal arm and head carrier vertical arm with automatic positioning of the latter to ideal working position.
Extractable pedal controls.

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Semi-Automatic swing-arm tyre changer for rims up to 22”.
Strong and reliable

User-friendliness, reliability and high performance are the characteristics that make the A2002 ideal for users who need a versatile tool at an extremely competitive price. Operation is semiautomatic with swinging arm and 22” turntable, and the machine is ideal for mounting and demounting car, van and motorcycle wheels. Available with traditional inflation or T.I. bead insertion and inflation system.



Automatic tyre changer with pneumatic tilting column and 24” turntable

The A2025 is a fully automatic tyre changer with pneumatically operated tilting column and 24” turntable, ideal for demounting car, SUV, van and motorcycle wheels. The machine’s new technical and ergonomic characteristics ensure unrivalled speed and convenience during mounting and demounting operations. The machine’s key characteristics lie mainly in the turntable, the wheel bead breaking unit, and above all in the general reinforcement of the machine’s structure. 
Extractable pedal controls.

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Automatic tyre changer 26" with “Leva la leva” (Without lever) technology.

Tradition and innovation in a reliable and performing product

The demounting procedure uses the same working movements but absolutely no effort is required from the operator thanks to the “Leva la leva” technology incorporated in the mount/demount head (patented). The mounting procedure is exactly as before, and just as quick and convenient.

Patented turntable system that allows the clamps to be moved to change the working range.

Bead breaker shoe extension system useful for working on large-diameter wheels installed on the machine as standard.

Extractable pedal controls.

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MASTER CODE is compatible with all tyre types, from Run Flat-UHP tyres to both small and large balloon tyres. With these features, together with the indispensable and exclusive demounting system, the Smart Corghi System, the MASTER CODE rewrites the DNA of tyre changer systems, confirming once again its inventors as the only people capable of driving the continuous evolution of the industry.



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Automatic tyre changer for cars, lightweight transport vehicles and motor vehicles.
HTB24 helper optional




SP 2300

Universal multifunctional device for facilitating tyre mounting and demounting.


SP 300

Universal multifunctional device for facilitating tyre mounting and demounting 

The SP 300 is a practical and functional Helper device specifically designed to make mounting and demounting operations quicker, more precise and safer.  Capable of working on all types of tyre - including ultra low profile and run flat tyres - and light alloy wheel rims. 

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