Exact 7

Precise, reliable wheel aligner for passenger cars and light transport vehicles.

Exact 70

Computerised wheel aligner with 8-CCD-camera sensor heads.


Exact 7000

Computerised wheel aligner with 8-CCD-camera sensor heads

Ultra high performance and flexibility of use wheel aligner,

approved by all major car manufacturers.


EXACT BlackTech X

Camera wheel alignment Technology at your service: simple, quick, precise.

EXACT BlackTech X, the new passive target wheel aligner technology with 8 high resolution digital cameras for maximum measurement precision. The automation of the wheel alignment operations and the extreme reliability of the components greatly enhance productivity. A PC with Windows XP, EXACT Alignment Pro and complete multibrand vehicle specs are all provided standard. With these features, EXACT BlackTech X has become an industry reference as well as a safe investment for wheel alignment professionals.












The Corghi Remo aligner requires no clamps to be put on the vehicle. The readings on every vehicle are taken by two Robots operating remotely on each side of the vehicle.


The operator can activate the system from his office and can have a complete read out of car settings within 80 seconds. This revolutionizes the process as every car entering the workshop can have the alignment checked with the minimum of human intervention. This also greatly eliminates the possibility of human error.


The robots that run on rails can take 85 readings of each wheel to include tyre and rim and the system uses GPS to calculate precisely the wheel positions and enables it to cope with every type of wheel made.


The REMO Rapide is the

concept of a product intended

for tyre specialists and repair

shops, which with extreme ease

and speed, allows the operators

to verify whether or not the

convergence of the vehicle needs