The A210 is a automatic tyre changer with pneumatic tilting column and 20” turntable.


The A2000 is a semiautomatic tyre changer with swinging arm and 20” turntable.


The A2005 is a Semiautomatic tyre changer with tilting column.


The A2015 is a automatic tyre changer for cars, lightweight transport vehicles and motor vehicles.


The A2020 is a automatic tyre changer for cars, lightweight transport vehicles and motor vehicles.


The A2025 is a automatic tyre changer with pneumatic tilting column and 24” turntable.

A2025 LL

The A2025 LL is a automatic tyre changer with “Leva la leva” (Without lever) technology Tradition and innovation in a reliable and performing product.


The A2030 is a automatic tyre changer with pneumatic tilting column.

The ARTIGLIO 50 is an evolution of the automatic tyre changer featuring the “leva la leva” technology. In other words, operatives continue to use the usual procedures, with no change to their routines, but with absolutely none of the physical effort and risk of damaging particularly delicate or demanding rims and tyres. At the same time, working times on all latest-generation wheels (from low profile to all run flat types) are slashed.

Artiglio 500 

Corghi presents Artiglio 500, the new automatic tyre changer with 2nd generation “Leva la leva” (Without lever) technology for vehicle, SUV and commercial vehicles wheels up to 32”.

A natural evolution of Artiglio 50, this new tyre changer maintains its best qualities and also presents many technical innovations: dynamic bead breaking device with a dual bead breaker disc, newly designed head group, more performing wheel support plate clamping, reinforced structure, great attention to ergonomics and control availability.

All of this means a faster operating speed without risks to the operator and the rims, even during the most critical phases, great simplicity of use and universality, for equipment whose features can be used 100%.

Artiglio Master 26''

The Artiglio Master 26'' ends the age of levers, physical effort, worries about the delicate rims and dangerous stresses on tyres, and the headache of constantly having to deal with new rims in a fast-evolving sector.

The operating principle underlying this revolution is absolutely innovative and unique: electronic presetting of the wheel diameter followed by automatic positioning of all the tools, the lift that loads and unloads the wheel in the optimal position, automatically operated bead breaker unit with controlled penetration, the automatically operated tool head that mounts and demounts the tyres without a lever in sight;

and all this without the operator having to move from the working position, since all the controls are placed together on an ergonomic console that allows operation in complete safety, ensuring maximum accuracy and optimizing the times.


Furthermore, thanks to the new “MI POWERED SYSTEM” built-in inverter motors, the number of turns of the turntable under stress adjusts so as to keep the torque constant, with great benefits in particular for Low Profile and Run Flat tyres.


The automatic speed selection according to the effort required by the machine means ease of intervention even on traditionally difficult tyres, as well as working time optimisation and energy saving compared to conventional motors.


We have improved what the others are still trying to achieve.

Artiglio Uniformity

Diagnosis and match-mounting directly on the tyre changer