Artiglio 55

  • Pneumatically assisted tyre changer movement. 
  • Move the tyre changer out of and back into the van effortlessly and quickly.


Leva la Leva Tyre Changer

Ideal for car, SUV and commercial vehicle wheels up to 30”. Tyre changer that uses the “Leva la Leva” technology, completely eliminating, therefore, the physical effort and risk associated with damage to particularly delicate or difficult wheel rims and tyres, and simultaneously reducing working time on all types of recent design wheels (from low profile to all run-flat).


 Pneumatically assisted

Pneumatically assisted tyre changer movement. No effort and very quick to get the tyre changer in and out of the van.




 Wheel Balancer

Electronic microprocessor wheel balancer for wheels up to 65 kg, with double display control panel designed for intuitive use of all available functions. The low balancing speed reduces spin time and risks due to rotating bodies. Movement outside the van is manual.