ERCO 3600 - 3601

The ERCO3600 is an under wheel scissors lift with a maximum capacity of 3600kg. The CT versions are ideal for alignment operations of front and rear wheels. To enable rear alignment the lift is fitted with slip plates on three axes (transversal, longitudinal and diagonal) which enable all movements required for adjustment procedures.

ERCO 4401

• Free-wheel scissors lift-table with maximum capacity of 4400 kg.

• 4401 series without torsion bar between the two runways(for better access). Synchronization between the two runways is provided by a flow divider and two quick response control valves.



ERCO X5000

The ERCO X5000 is an electrohydraulic scissor lift with sophisticated software boasting many different functions. These include viewing the height of the lift on the control unit display, and setting a lift stop point at a predetermined height. The runways are kept aligned by a closed loop electrohydraulic circuit. Proportional control of the hydraulic circuit ensures that runway alignment is performed continuously and with no oscillation throughout the entire lift travel. The ERCOX5000 is available in a wide variety of versions: with flat runways, recesses for wheel alignment turntables, integrated supplementary lifts, or play testers.

ERCO X6000

All configurations of the ERCOX6000 have been conceived to fulfil every possible lifting application: from vehicle repairs and wheel alignment to technical inspection.


ERCOX6000 - Lift with flat runways.

ERCOX6000 LT - Lift with flat runways and Lift Table.

ERCOX6000 CT - Wheel alignment lift with recesses in runways for installation of front turntables and oscillating rear platforms.

ERCOX6000 CT LT - Wheel alignment lift with Lift Table.

ERCOX6000 PT6 - Lift with flat runways and 6-movement play detector.

ERCOX6000 CT PT6 - Wheel alignment lift with 6-movement play detector.

ERCOX6000 LT PT6 - Lift with flat runways, Lift Table and 6-movement play detector.

ERCOX6000 CT LT PT6 - Wheel alignment lift with Lift Table and 6-movement play detector.