Electro-mechanical lift with base, low profile


Technical characteristics


• Columns: high rigidity


• Carriages: on GSM (BM) guides


• Arms: interchangeables


• Chain: double guide


• Basement: demountable


• Limit switches: protected


• Female-screw wear control


ERCO H3202

Electrohydraulic two-post lifts with 3-stage and extra-flat symmetrical arms


On request

• Set of extension pads

• Mini scissor pad

• Emergency hand pump



Two-column lift, with two motors (one for each column), controlled by an electronic card for controlling the drive synchronism of the two columns.



ERCO H4002

 Two-column electro-hydraulic lifts


The H4002 range lifts are operated by a master/slave type hydraulic circuit with automatic realignment of the two trolleys at each lifting cycle; thanks to this circuit, the H4002 range lifts are particularly reliable, easy to install and do not require mechanical adjustments after the first installation (there are no metal ropes between the columns).


ERCO 4022 -5022 CEL

Available in CEL and ELX version


With two motors (one for each column), controlled by an electronic card for controlling the drive synchronism of the two columns


The electronic lifts have the same main technical characteristics as the chain models.

One of their advantageous features is that they do not take up space on the ground between the columns and they are particularly quiet. A floor suitable for column fixing is required to install them. On the ERCO 4022 CEL model, the arm support carriage is guided in 8 points by shoes only.




The ERCO 5022 CEL lift, with a load capacity of 5 tons, was specially designed for lifting vans and armoured limousines, which are particularly heavy.

It is equipped with four long three-stage symmetric arms


The door protection, made of one single rubber piece, prevents the car doors from coming into contact with metal parts.

After being positioned underneath the vehicle, the arms are locked in place by an automatic anti-rotation system after the first 30 mm of travel.


Thanks to the asymmetrical arms, which allow the vehicle to be lifted further back in relation to the columns and the column outward inclination, the doors can be opened almost completely for easy access to the vehicle’s interior.

- Motor with special winding having high static torque, complete with internal overload cut-out that trips in case of overheating.

- Short telescopic three-stage arms for optimal loading of cars and vans.

- The front panel features 6 LEDs which indicate the status of the lift and the master switch (up-down selector switch).

The lift pads are at a very short distance above the ground, allowing operation even on low vehicles.



ERCO 5002

Hydraulic 2 post lifts with 3-section support arms


• Designed with three-section support arms for the lifting of veichles with extended-weel base.


On request

• Emergency hand pump