ERCO 4004 - 5004



Achieving a low minimum ground height was a priority in the development of the ERCO 4004B lifter for generic use and the ERCO 4004 B CT for wheel alignment applications.


Special solutions have been used to create lifts with a maximum load capacity of 4000 Kg together with a minimum ground height of just 126mm. The lifts with wheel alignment ERCO 4004 W CT, ERCO 5004 W CT and ERCO 5004 CT LT have large runways that make it possible to lift most vehicles without having to frequently adjust the mobile runway. The 2,950 mm spacing between the posts ensures complete compatibility with 3D wheel aligners.


The four column lifts series “ERCO 4004-5004” are electrohydraulically operated and include as a standard equipment:

• safety devices directly activated by 4 electromagnets which increase the operation speed and safety

• better utilization of the internal spaces, reduced overall dimensions, four indipendent cables

• all devices prescribed by the CE norms and existing regulations.